CLM Transitional House

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The Changed Lives Ministry Transitional House (CLMTH) was established as an additional phase in the rehabilitation process.  The purpose of this group home is to help men who have been through a faith based drug and alcohol structured program to transition back into society with their new commitment to Christ as their foundation. CLMTH is a semi-structured program with the goal of helping individuals to make life decisions based on Biblical principles. Guidelines have been established to help each resident continue to grow in Christ through Church, small groups, and fellowship with other Christians. Basic rules are implemented to create structure, accountability and financial stability while granting a measure of freedom. Residents will have the opportunity for Career Planning through South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation.  They will be eligible to meet with Career counselors who will help them develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).  Other services through this program include Resume writing, Interview Skills and Budgeting. This combination of structure and freedom will help them mature, and become not just productive members of society, but the Christian leaders God has called them to be. This transitional house is governed by the Board of Directors of Changed Lives Ministry with resident staff members responsible for the overall daily operation of the facility.   kjv-king-james-version