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Changed Lives Ministry is a Christian Rehabilitation Center dedicated to men addicted to drugs, alcohol or any other addiction and are committed to re-establishing themselves in the community.

The ministry provides a structured Christian lifestyle and a safe environment for troubled individuals to overcome whatever problems they may be facing.

This is a 10-week program based on the belief that faith in God, strong work ethics, and the basic practice of self-discipline will enable any individual to attain victory over their problems.

We firmly believe that God leads these men to this facility, both to plant the seed of Christian truth and cultivate moral responsibility.

The men who come here work for a positive change and get out of the program what they put into it.

Our intention is not to have a prison-like atmosphere, but to grow in love through a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Basic rules have been implemented and are necessary to maintain structure and accountability, which is Biblically grounded.

The program includes housing, meals, and a structured daily routine designed to nourish and develop the mind and body, as well as the soul.


It’s that time again!!!! We get to celebrate the graduation of Sterling & Carl this Sunday July 10 at 6:00pm. Please join us at Santee Circle Church to encourage them and hear the powerful testimonies of how God has freed them from the hopelessness of addiction. If you have a family member, friend, or co-worker that struggles with alcoholism or addiction, please bring them with you!!

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